It’s real! Backpack design does evolve with time

Backpacks have already been used commonly since the beginning of time and this is a practice that is true irrespective of culture, tradition and geographical location. This is because backpack finds many uses in many aspects of our life. If you’ve a love for touring and like to explore places by yourself, you know the value of having a good backpack since it is where you would store and take your entire possessions, including clothings to equipments to even invaluables. If you’re say a college student, you probably know how previously backpacks were used to carry these heavy books but the one that has changed in functionality because the usage of laptops is now mainstream. Backpacks are not limited by these use cases and fashion lovers have turned to backpack as a form of attractive fashion accessories.

One big section of the backpack industry will be the university students. When I say university student, it can sometimes be referring to high-school though. Throughout my college years, I still remember vividly that I had a need to bring many heavy books and quite often, they were more than what my backpack could cater to. But lately, with the emergence of portable PCs with tablet computers and laptops as the main driving forces, there has been a tectonic shift when it comes to classroom teaching. One of the evolution is clearly towards e-textbooks in place of hard printed books. On first thought, it seems that less heavier backpack would be the natural result as it is no more required to carry these heavy books to campus. Things did not turn out as what many students might have wished for. While e-book carries no weight, laptop is almost a necessity for each university student and 17-inch laptop, that is becoming common nowadays, may weigh up to 2kg. Ask any student and they will tell you that carrying paper-light Macbook Air would be the biggest dream but it remains a luxury for many college students.

Of the overall backpack consumer market, a major market segment is made up of the adventure lovers. The word adventure is fairly general and it covers such markets as professional mountain climbing to camp fire to light trekking. I know the first brand which will flash to many people’s mind when speaking about backpack would be North Face. While it is definitely one of the fine manufacturer, it is good to note that they are known for their backpacks for college purpose as opposed to outdoor. One particular brand that a lot of adventure enthusiasts want to go for is Teton. Nonetheless it is important to set your expectation right though since the best outdoor bags, say the best backpack for trekking, might not be the one that is most visually interesting.

One rapidly growing backpack market is probably the PMETs. In no small part, this is caused by the notebook being adopted as common computing station and increased flexibility in offices globally. Take a good look at workplaces around you and I guess that with laptops being a lot more than powerful to complete most everyday routines including managing spreadsheets, organizations are abandoning bulky computers at an amazing pace. At the start, most office workers were still unwilling to use a backpack and they would rather opt for a carry-all or sling or more fashionable looking bag to carry their notebooks . But, if you need to move around a lot of the time, I bet you’d only want to carry nothing but backpack. This trend has quickly caught the attention of backpack makers and they’ve been fast to cater to this market. Today, brands such as Samsonite are some of the major players in the market and because of this, if you are hunting for best professional backpacks, you’ll, you’ll be certain of excellent features and appearance.

The process of searching for the best backpacks is no longer as simple as grabbing one from the store shelves and this could be easily explained given the wide ranging natures in the way backpacks are designed for. There have been many well-written backpack reviews which could help to serve as a bridge to that knowledge gap. Mind you that grabbing the relevant backpack discussions cannot be more important. If you’re looking for a hiking daypack, you don’t want to end up going through laptop backpacks reviews that can be severely out of context and simply lead to confusion.